Volkswagen Golf Parts & Accessories

There is something that has been everything from a basic personal car to a high-performance sports coupe. It is a car of phenomenal dimensions, a car that has proven itself to be worthy of each and every praise that its admirers have showered it with. The car is aptly named Golf and is one of Volkswagen's primary standard-bearers. It is, in fact, the company's bestselling model in history. The Volkswagen Golf was first introduced to the market in 1974 as the Volkswagen Rabbit. It employed a water-cooled, front transverse-engine and front wheel drive. The historical importance of this automobile lies on the fact that it is the one responsible for the mass-market acceptance of the hatchback design. It was also the one which saved Volkswagen from decline after sales of the Volkswagen Beetle dropped alarmingly.
What differentiates the Volkswagen Golf from all the others in the market is the fact that it gets made up every once in a while to ensure its patrons that it is always abreast with the latest in automobile technology. Not only that, it is also made to look its best after each makeover, the reason why its latest models always look better than ever. Owners of the Volkswagen Golf will have no trouble strutting the vehicle anywhere he wants, because the vehicle itself is capable of holding its own against any sophisticated car that cruise the streets.
The Volkswagen Golf has seen many variants, some of which include hatchbacks, station wagons, convertibles and sedans. It may have been many forms, but it is one and the same vehicle — that which is possession of great quality, splendid looks and unadulterated performance that cannot be beat. The reason why Golf has achieved the standing it now has is because people believe in its many potentials. What has been apparent earlier has become better and better in the years that came, the reason why the vehicle has been able to maintain its staying power even after many years of existence.