Volkswagen Fastback Parts & Accessories

The Volkswagen Fastback is part of the Volkswagen Type 3 together with the Notchback and the Squareback. The Fastback is a coupe version produced in 1966, so that makes it one of the classic cars that you can include in your collection. The Type 3 is introduced as replacement for the Type 1 or the Volkswagen Beetle and the Type 2 or the Volkswagen bus. It is also known as the Volkswagen 1500. The name may vary depending on the country for which the car is produced. Its features also differ since the countries have different standards and rules that govern the regulation of imported cars. The US has more rigid and strict policies that’s why Volkswagen have to change several of its features which commonly involve the lighting assembly, exhaust and power system. Volkswagen Fastback is also named as the VW 1600 TL. IT is often regarded as a hatchback because of its appearance but it is actually a two-seater coupe. So what sets the Fastback apart from a hatchback? A fastback has a sloping downward roofline lowered down up to the rear bumper of the car. A hatchback on the other hand, has added passenger cabin which goes along with bigger cargo space. The tailgate can be hatched or flipped out, thus the name hatchback. A fastback may look like a hatchback but its rear window and trunk are not movable unlike that of a hatchback. Nowadays, there are other car makes and models that adopted the style of the Volkswagen fastback. Such design has stand-out aerodynamic features. Many classic car enthusiasts would surely want to include the VW Fastback in their collection. There are still registered Fastbacks around in top quality condition. Of course, it’s easy to spot such type of car because of its unique body style. Car owners in need of replacement and restoration parts for their classic auto like the VW Fastback can directly drop by here at Partstrain. You’ll surely have fun and pleasure browsing our updated online directory. With Parts train around, shopping for hard to find classic parts can be made easy and hassle free.