Volkswagen Campmobile Parts & Accessories

How could a mini “tin box” bus-like car like the Volkswagen Campmobile be one of the all time favorite cars as well as be one of the most sought-after classic car collectibles? Well, surely find it so easy to answer that query if you are living in the 1960’s society. Back then, it is one of the favorite utility vehicles which used the drive train of the sensational Volkswagen Beetle. It is a passenger car that can comfortably accommodate eight passengers which can be further maximized by adjusting the third row seat. With its big windshield and rear window, the passengers can really have a good view of the scenic spots that the car will pass through. That makes it the best choice for out of town trips, adventures and camps, thus the name campmobile. Volkswagen Campmobile is also known by other names such as the Volkswagen Transporter, Kombi and Camper. Passengers can truly enjoy the comforts of riding a Volkswagen Camp mobile. In fact, they can even bring the comforts of their own homes considering the extra space that goes along with the “bigness” of the car. It is also regarded as a van and not a bus but no matter which term is used, the spaciousness of the Campmobile made it a stand out among the autos included in Volkswagen’s line-up. These days, the Volkswagen Campmobile is one of the hottest classic collector’s items. In fact, it is still driven around by enthusiasts. Campmobiles that are still in existence nowadays and are still in topmost running conditions are proof of quality and durability. And Partstrain is here to back up its superb reputation. Owners of VW Campmobiles can browse our stores in case they need new parts and accessories for their car. It may be an old make with hard to find parts but our store has those products lined up right before your very eyes. Just key in our site and check out our long array of items that would best fit your Volkswagen Campmobile.