Volkswagen Cabriolet Parts & Accessories

What is a Volkswagen Cabriolet? If you are an American, you probably won't have an idea of what the car is just by its name. The Volkswagen Cabriolet is an old car and not many of them can be seen roaming on our streets today. But for the European, the name of the car itself tells them two things. First, that the car is a Volkswagen, which is very obvious even if you are not European. Then, the name implies that the car is a convertible, because such body style is generally known as cabriolet in Europe.

The Volkswagen Cabriolet was first introduced by Volkswagen in the 1980s. It was a front-wheel drive, subcompact convertible based on the platform used by the Volkswagen Rabbit, which was actually sold together with the Cabriolet and was known in Germany and other parts of the world as the Volkswagen Golf Series I. Except from minor styling modifications, the Volkswagen Cabriolet was not given a real redesign for its entire production life. The convertible was sold up until the 1993 model year basically unaltered and was replaced by the Volkswagen Cabrio two years after.

The Volkswagen Cabriolet actually looked more like a convertible version of the Volkswagen Rabbit, which later became the Volkswagen Golf, than a separate vehicle model. For the model's last production year, it was offered in two trim levels: Base and Classic. Both trims came standard with a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine that was rated at 94-hp, merely a slightly upgraded version of the engine it was originally equipped with in its debut year. Standard transmission is a 5-speed manual unit while a 3-speed automatic transmission unit was optional.

Being an old convertible, you won't expect a Volkswagen Cabriolet to be equipped with the same amenities that many Volkswagen convertibles have now. The vehicle, however, comes with a few amenities like power windows, cassette player, and driver-side airbags. Premium models also often comes standard with leather seats and an air conditioning unit.

The Volkswagen Cabriolet is old, and you really wouldn't want to drive it as it is today. Most Volkswagen Cabriolet owners would sell their cars and buy a used Volkswagen Cabrio or a new Volkswagen Beetle convertible instead. But if you really want to drive your Volkswagen Cabriolet, because you really love it or you don't have the money to buy the more expensive Volkswagen convertibles, Parts Train may be able to help you. Parts Train is your complete online source for all the Volkswagen Cabriolet parts that you need. Just visit our 24-hour website and easily find for yourself the Volkswagen Cabriolet part of your choice.