Volkswagen Cabrio Parts & Accessories

What do you get with a Volkswagen Cabrio? A gorgeous car with a solid frame, decent performance, and a whole lot of impressive interior and exterior features. It is really a wonder why the vehicle never had an impressive sale, and much more that the vehicle's production life was cut short after the 2002 model year. It's probably because of the high price. But for a convertible as good as the Volkswagen Cabrio, you won't really expect it to be cheap.

The Volkswagen Cabrio was a new convertible in Volkswagen's vehicle line-up for the 1995 model year, replacing the old Rabbit-based Volkswagen Cabriolet. The Cabrio itself was also based on two popular Volkswagen vehicles of the mid 1990s—the front-drive Volkswagen Golf hatchback and the Volkswagen Jetta sedan. After eight years of mediocre sales and production, the Volkswagen Cabrio was retired for the 2003 model year and was replaced by the New Beetle Convertible.

As we have mentioned, the Volkswagen Cabrio was a solid car with decent performance. Throughout its production life, the model was equipped with a 115 hp rated 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that is coupled with either the standard 5-speed manual transmission or the optional electronic 4-speed automatic transmission. With either transmission, the engine performs adequately. What's more impressive is the car's gas mileage, which is rated at an average of 25 mpg.

If a solid drive and decent performance is far from enough, then let's take a closer look at the Volkswagen Cabrio's features. Dual airbags and antilock brakes were standard for all year models, along with the rear window defogger and fixed roll bars. Dashboard design, together with all attached features, varies from year to year and model to model, although generally, all have conveniently laid buttons. The soft top of the Volkswagen Cabrio folds out manually, although power top units are available on most upper trim models.

The Volkswagen Cabrio is a good convertible, but because of poor sales and shortened production life, we only see a few of them on the roads today. Similarly, only a few auto parts sources have Volkswagen Cabrio parts in their inventory. One of these auto parts sources is Parts Train. With a complete and comprehensive catalog of Volkswagen Cabrio automotive parts, Parts Train can provide you with everything that you need for your Cabrio. And you can't get any luckier because Parts Train is online 24 hours a day.