Volkswagen Beetle Parts & Accessories

The vehicle has been included in many films in the past until the present, all in starring roles. It has even become a hero in the Transformer cartoon series. Today, the car enjoys a large following, even to the point of earning a cult status in the society. That's how popular the Volkswagen Beetle is, both in its old and new form. In fact, the Beetle, or the Bug, is the most popular Volkswagen car not only in Germany but also in the world.

The history of the Beetle began in 1932, when then Nazi-Germany leader Adolf Hitler asked Ferdinand Porsche to develop a new small car that the people can afford. Incidentally, the beginning of the Beetle also marked the beginning of Volkswagen, with the Beetle actually being the company's first car. In 1935, the first few prototypes of the car appeared. The prototypes already featured the Beetle's distinctive round shape and its air-cooled, flat-four, rear-mounted engine. The car, however, was called the 'Type 1' back then instead of its more popular 'Beetle' name. Actually, Volkswagen only named the car as the Volkswagen Beetle after the 1968 model year.

After the Second World War, the production of the Beetle could have ceased if not for the help of Major Ivan Hirst who persuaded the British army to order 20,000 units of the car. The sales of the Volkswagen started to pick up by then, and in the 1970s, with the aid of innovative advertising that presented the Beetle as a sturdy and reliable car, production and sales of the car continued to increase. By 1972, the production figures of the Volkswagen Beetle had exceeded that of the Ford Model T and went on rising in the succeeding years.

Today, the Volkswagen Beetle is a valued classic car, and because of its cult status, it has been the favorite subject for many auto restorers. Here at Parts Train, we try to provide every Volkswagen Beetle restorer and owner with high quality Volkswagen Beetle parts that can aid them in their Beetle restoration. With our high performance Volkswagen Beetle mechanical parts and elegant body parts, we're more than sure that your classic Volkswagen Beetle would be brought to life again.