Volkswagen 412 Parts & Accessories

Volkswagen 412 is the name of the Volkswagen Type 4 produced in 1973. It replaced the former Volkswagen 411 but there were only few changes done so there is little difference between the two models. The first notable change is the bigger and sharper bumpers and turn lights which are actually not so pleasing. The look of the car turned somewhat disproportional. Those changes were evident for the US produced Volkswagen 412 partly because it is required by the US auto policies and regulations. The bumpers, both the front and rear, were also positioned higher than usual. Other changes included the improved safety steering wheel and stronger suspension and brakes. Aside from the notable changes on the front and rear bumpers, the taillights were also made smaller as compared to the hugely designed headlights of the first Type 4 series produced which was then branded as the Volvo 411. The last VW 412 built in May 1974 retained the twin carburetors paving way to the increase in the power output of the power train. All in all, 355,163 Volkswagen 412 units were sold with the sedan and station wagon versions included. Although production was stopped, the engine used was later on modified to be the standard power train of the Volkswagon Vanagon. The Volkswagen 412 is one of the most favorite classic collectibles among enthusiasts. Owning such type of classic car nowadays is a great pleasure but it may be a little costly considering its care and maintenance. Some parts are even hard to find so it may take your time and energy. Good thing, Partstrain is around to ease out the hassles and difficulties that you might possibly go through. Browse our comprehensive online catalog for the Volkswagen part that you need may it be for replacement, maintenance, restyle or restoration. Check it out now and see it for yourself.