Volkswagen 411 Parts & Accessories

The German made Volkswagen 411 was unveiled in August 12 1968 as the first generation Type 4 model which was later on replaced by the Volkswagen 412 in 1973. Three body styles were offered which include the mid-sized two doors, four door sedans and two door station wagons. The sedan version is actually the first four door sedan from VW. The Volkswagen Type 4 was in general, produced from 1968 until 1974. The first Volkswagen 411 that throttled in streets and highways way back in 1968 can be easily distinguished from other Volkswagen models through its big oval headlights. However, its size became more of an advantage which paved way for a new replacement. Two pairs of normal size round head lamps took its place in the next year production. Plus, the rear Volkswagen logo was transferred on the front section of the auto. Right under the hood is the twin carburetor 1.7 liters engine with a capacity of 68 hp (DIN) at 4500 rpm. The cargo area is great, with space that can be adjusted for more comfortable drives and rides especially if there are added cargoes. The two door sedan body style version of the VW 411 is equipped with an electronic fuel injection system although it is really not as efficient and functional like the present systems that we have nowadays. On the contrary, it did boost the power capacity of the engine from 68hp to 80hp. The two door VW Estate or station wagons on the other hand is offered with amazing cargo capacity both at the front and rear areas. As customary for Volkswagen makes and models, the air cooled power train is positioned in the rear while the petrol tank is mounted in the front section. Volks 411 and VW 422 were actually the last air-cooled models together with the Volkswagen Type 3. Nowadays, looking for Volkswagen 411 parts and accessories may not be that easy as compared with the recently produced Volkswagen models but with Partstrain around, purchase and selection can surely be done with much ease and fun. Just check out our catalog for the auto parts that you need. Or you can call our toll free line for further questions. Our friendly customer staff will surely be there to guide you in choosing the best parts that will match the specs and features of your auto.