There's probably no motorist in this world that doesn't know about Volkswagen. It's one of the most popular car brands the world over and the iconic image of the Beetle is etched in everybody's memories. The brand name is German for "People's Car" since it was envisioned to be a car that everybody could own. It was designed in the 1930s by famed auto maker Ferdinand Porsche upon Hitler's request for an affordable car that the citizens of Germany could afford. It was a fuel-efficient car that was reliable and easy to use. VW parts and repairs were also economical. This contributed to its success, and over 300,000 people applied for an instalment plan to have their own Beetle.

By the 1940s, Volkswagen's resources were largely channelled to Germany's war effort. After the war, the manufacturing plants came under British control and resume production of civilian cars. The Beetle's design was initially unpopular outside of Germany but eventually caught on. Volkswagen also released other types of car like the Polo, Golf, and Scirocco. In the 90's, they decided to move upmarket by catering to customers of higher income brackets than their original targets. The company encountered rough times but sailed over them to become the biggest auto manufacturer in Europe, also owning the Audi, Bentley, and Lamborghini marques and many others.

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