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One of the subcompact cars launched by Toyota Motors Corporation was the Toyota Yaris. It was designed by Sotiris Kovos and first introduced in the auto world in 1999. It is a 3-5 lift back vehicle sold in South Africa, Australia, the Americas and Europe. In Canada as well as Australia, it was known as the Echo hatchback until 2005. The name Yaris came from the German word “ja” which is synonymous to “yes”, combined with Charis, Greek goddess for elegance and beauty.

In 1999, the Toyota Yaris was on sale in Europe. The following year, it was voted as European Car of the Year. In February 2003, the Toyota Yaris hatchback, which is a slightly adapted version, went on sale in Canada. In the United States however, it was not sold where the Toyota Echo sedan was the only model. The Toyota Yaris stayed away from conventional equipments and instead, used the digital instruments placed in the center of the dashboard. Although the Canadian hatchback contains a usual speedometer, the digital equipments are still located in the dashboard center. The European Toyota Yaris was manufactured with two gasoline-powered 4 cylinder 1.31 and 1.01 engines with Toyota VVT-I technology, along with the “warm hatch” 1.51 T Sport following in 2001. It also included a 1.41 D4-D diesel engine providing 75 horsepower. Its early models and T-Sport were manufactured both in Japan and in France.

Now, the European Yaris T-Sport, also known as the Japanese Vitz RS, was launched in 2001 with a 1.51 engine together with the Vios, Echo and the Scion xA. Because of an additional power and sportier suspension compared to the 1.31 model, the T- Sport was recognized to be more pleasurable to drive rather than the base models. An appealing addition to the Yaris line-up was the Yaris Verso, which utilized the equal running equipment as the usual hatchback but with handier interior. Generally, the Toyota Yaris was shorter than the Echo but it assures a hardly compromised style. The seats are lifted to imitate a minivan impression. Likewise, the rear seats can be folded down for more luggage compartment space.

Due to its practicality on the road, the Toyota Yaris is widely used. With that, it needs utmost protection from harmful elements, which might damage it in the long run. If you own a Toyota Yaris, you have to do regular check-up and replacement if there is a need. For your quality replacement parts, you can visit Partstrain and choose from our wide-ranging selection of auto parts and accessories. We have Toyota Yaris door, door handles, mirror, towing mirror and other car parts offered at very affordable prices. Maintain the good performance of your Toyota Yaris by shopping at Partstrain and get top-quality items right in the comfort of your own home.