Toyota Van Parts & Accessories

Toyota set out introduced a minivan in the year 1984 to capture a portion of the rapidly growing minivan market by designing a "one-box" type vehicle power-driven by a mid-mounted 2.0-liter, four cylinder engine that drives the rear wheels. Some of its sophisticated optional features which were not exhibited by other competitors for several years include dual air-conditioners having separate controls for the front and rear seat occupants, and an ice maker and ice cooler box.

The Toyota Van can load up to 7 passengers just like other minivans. It is offered on both the passenger version and cargo version that came out in 1985. In the year 1986, Toyota had an engine upgrade by receiving 2.2-liter from a 2.0-liter engine, and together with this engine upgrade comes a front passenger swivel seat and interior upgrades. By the year 1987, Toyota Van had a four wheel drive option and that a two-speed transfer case was used for manual transmissions, a single-speed with automatics, and interior seating was again upgraded.

In the year 1990, due to boring and uninspiring sales, Toyota redesigned and named the Van into Previa taken from the word preview. Still, it relied on rear wheel drive and a mid-mounted four-cylinder but now up to 2.4 liters, but still had an optional four-wheel drive. By this time, the cargo versions was dropped but the rear seats now could be fold up and the center seat could be removed to accommodate large cargo. Its shape was designed to suit Americcan styling tastes. The Toyota Previa offers an excellent interior room, optimal weight distribution and a low center of gravity for superior stability.

After a decade and 4 years, in the year 1998, Toyota introduced the Sienna due to tedious sales of the Van and Previa. The term Sienna was named after the color or city of your choice. The Sienna is powered by a V6 engine and added to it is a modular, adjustable seat with seatback trays, more cupholders, rear power outlets, more storage compartments and other interior features. ALR and ELR seatsbelts were used on all outboard seats, and that an antilock brakes and tire pressure warning became standard.

These evolutions on Toyota's minivans only mean that change is constant in this world. But with regards to the performance of your beloved Toyota vehicles, it need not be changed unless for improvement. You can maintain the optimum superb performance of your Toyota minivan just like when it was bought. Just avail performance and aftermarket parts of great and high quality to ensure reliability, durability, longevity and above all, outstanding on- and off-road performance. Here at Parts Train, all your needed Toyota minivan car parts are being offered and every single piece is carefully crafted to pass the standard of quality car parts!