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Founded in 1933 by Kiichiro Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation began its business by manufacturing looms. Initially, it was named Toyoda Automatic Loom Company. It was encouraged by the Japanese government to produce domestic vehicle partly because of the war with China and the worldwide money shortage. With this, Toyota pioneered new technologies, which included the first hybrid gas-electric automobile. Likewise, the Scion and Lexus, both produced by Toyota, constantly ranked top in reliability and quality according to some surveys.

The Toyota truck belongs to the economy pick-up trucks marketed by Toyota from 1964. It came out in the United States with the name Stout and remained in use worldwide; however; it did not sold well during that year. So, in the year 1969, it was further improved and was renamed the Hi-Lux. In the following year, the Hi-Lux became a popular choice among car enthusiasts in the midst of strong US dollar and inflation. Aside from that, car buyers recognized that the Toyota truck has better fuel mileage than its top competitor, which is the Ford F-250. The Hi-Lux name was replaced in 1976 in favor of the truck, compact truck and pick-up truck. In 1995, it was renamed again with the name Tacoma. One of the known alternative package, the SR5 (Sport Rally) also became synonymous with the Toyota truck, although it was utilized on other Toyota models. The Trekker, which is the camper version of the Hi-Lux, was altered to Toyota 4Runner in North America in 1984 and as the Hi-Lux Surf everywhere else. For contemporary models, the 4Runner has similar aesthetic cues with Tacoma.

The Toyota Hi-Lux has achieved high reputation due to its outstanding reliability and toughness. It was featured by Top Gear where it survived several extreme vehicle tests like tying it up to a jetty to be washed out by incoming waves, crashing it into a big tree, dropping a caravan into it and many others. Incredibly, the Hi-Lux still ran after suffering from rigorous structural damage although it was repaired with ordinary equipments and tools that are found in the vehicle’s toolbox.

With regular maintenance, the Toyota trucks are acknowledged to go beyond 300,000 miles. That only means that it should be well taken cared of to function in the finest way. Tune-ups and inspections are necessary to prevent faulty parts and equipments. Now, you do not have to look far when it comes to replacements. Partstrain is the leading source for top quality car products that you might need for your Toyota truck. Go over our comprehensive list of car parts in our easy-to-navigate online catalogue. We have all kinds of vehicle lights intended for the Toyota truck, as well as alternator, grille, carpet, door, hood, mirror, wheel, windshield and a lot more. Just place your order online and in no time, your items will be delivered to you.