Toyota T100 Parts & Accessories

Toyota T100 is Toyota's first full sized Japanese pickup truck introduced in America's automotive market in 1993. It had a single engine, a 150 horsepower V6 and came in only as a regular cab with two trim levels which were available in either two or four wheel drive. Anti-lock brakes for the rear tires were standard across the board and a four-speed automatic, five-speed manual transmission is also available for each engine.

Changes from having a driver's side airbag, steel door beams, along with a 2.7 liter four cylinder engine producing 150 hp similar with the V6 came in 1994. Also additional models such as the DX and the "One Ton" were introduced although the One Ton production was discontinued year 1996.

In 1995 though, an extended cab was introduced and was called Xtracab. This model is 22 inches longer, with forward-facing jump seats and a "walk in" mechanism automatically slides the seat cushions forward when the seatback is released. Every seat has its seat belt, and the V6 engine was enlarged reaching 190 horsepower and can tow up to 5,200 pounds with some models that offers 2,450 pounds payload. Also, it has dual cup holders, coat hooks, integrated storage areas and change compartments. Up to its final year, 1998, the only changes done were its bucket seats and 16 inch wheels that were added the previous year.

The T100 Xtracabs are the car-like alternative for those who want big trucks without the big bulks. This vehicle is really good on the road. Its V6 twin-camshaft doesn't rev any higher than the other version and goes more smoothly and quickly. It's silent too and can be powerful off the line which is because of the lower torque peak that the previous one.

It has been long noted that Toyota is the maker of low operating noise leveled cars and machines, and the T100 is one great example of this. It is even considered as the quietest ride from all the pickups on the road today. This model also comes with a direct-acting rack and pinion steering, while constraints on space with the 4x4 versions would be achieved by adding linkages of a recirculating-ball system.

Some says that the price of these trucks will become more and more affordable when Toyota starts building them from its new plant located in Princeton, Indiana in 1998.

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