Toyota Supra Parts & Accessories

The Supra was a sports car from Toyota, produced from 1979 until 2002. It was based on the former Toyota sportscar, the 2000GT. There have been four generations of the Supra that came out in the market. The first was largely copied from the Toyota Celica, however the Celica liftback was longer and wider. Significant change to the new Toyota Supra was the inline 6 engine that replaced Celica's 4-cylinder. This kind of engine has perfect primary and secondary balance and thus, it doesn't need a balance shaft while the 4-cylinder does. This makes the straight-six engine more advantageous than the 4-cylinder because it eliminates vibrations. Furthermore, Supra's engine was the first Toyota engine to get electric fuel injection, thus, it performed better than earlier engines. In 1981, Supra's original 2.6L 4M-E 110-hp inline-6 engine was upgraded to a 2.8L 5M-E 116-hp engine.

Second generation Supra, called the Toyota Celica Supra Mk2 came in 1982 and lasted for four years. It was warmly welcomed in the US auto market, which made it the Import Car of the Year by Motor Trend and one of Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best List from 1983 until 1984. For this generation, a 2.8L DOHC 5M-GE engine was offered both for the P-type and the L-type Toyota Supra. The P-type was performance-oriented while the L-type was the luxurious trim. Bigger wheels (14X7 wheels with 225/60/14 tires) went to the P-type while 14X5.5 wheels with 195/70/14 tires went to the L-type. The next line of Supra models came in the mid of 1986. This time, the line distinguishing the Toyota Supra from Toyota Celica was clearly evident. The Celica changed to four-wheel drive while the supra retained the rear wheel-drive. A more powerful and bigger engine was available, both in turbo and non-turbo versions. As early as the mid-80s, Toyota had already equipped its cars with highly advanced features such as Supra Mk3's ABS, electronically modulated suspension and airbags, which came as standard for the 1990 model.

A more potent Toyota Supra sportscar came in 1993, upon the introduction of the fourth generation Toyota Supra. Only one body style was offered, a two-door hatchback coupe; however, two models were available, the base and the Turbo version. Toyota Supra comes equipped with a powerful 3.0L 6-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive 220 horsepower. But that is only for the base model. Expect a more thrilling ride with the Toyota Supra Turbo, which is given 320 horsepower by its two turbochargers. Turbo adds safety to passengers with its traction control and limited-slip differential, firmer-tuned suspension aside from the ABS and the dual airbags, earlier provided to the Supra. The Supra model turned 15 in 1997 and thus, a special Anniversary package was offered. It came with a rear spoiler, premium cassette stereo and special floor mats together with the new solar-energy absorbing glass, graphite headlamps and taillamps. In 1998, Toyota Supras were no longer exported but it was produced in Japan until 2002.