Toyota Starlet Parts & Accessories

Branded as Toyota’s cheap car for small time car buyers, the Toyota Starlet set its wheels in the market from 1973 to 1999 as replacement for the Toyota Publica. As the name itself implies, the Toyota Starlet is a small car or a micro car as what it is called in the industry. That makes it a good choice for car owners who want to easily squeeze into heavy traffics. Although the Toyota Starlet is offered as a replacement for the Publica, the name was still attached to the Starter series. The 40 Series is the first generation produced under the Publica Starlet brand name. Buyers can have a choice between the 1000 and 1200 cc engines. It is offered in two door sedan and three door wagon versions. The four door sedan followed in October 1973. Available trims were SR, ST, Deluxe and Hi-Deluxe. The second generation 60 Series came in 1978 as three door and five door hatchbacks with added five door wagon exclusively sold for the Japanese market. The exterior look of the car was modified in the 1980s. It was then equipped with new square headlights and later on, with lower rear opening or the hatch area and slanted nose on the front end of the vehicle. In 1984, the 70 Series was introduced with new 2E and 12 valve 1E engines. The 80 Series followed in 1990 with notable changes in body style. Later in 1994, several versions were offered which include the sports model Gi and GT, the sought after Soleil L and the impressive S, X, X Limited and Canvas Top. The last Starlet 90 Series was introduced in 1999. Nowadays, there are several Toyota Starlet variants around. You can be one its lucky owners although it could be more of a collection. There are lots of used Toyota Starlets around that you can include in your collection. You can also use it for your everyday driving but you may have to restore or modify it. Partstrain is one of your sources for restoration and restyling auto parts and accessories. Just drop by in our store, anytime or anywhere you may be.