Toyota Previa Parts & Accessories

Toyota was rarely out of the list of the best cars, vans or trucks in the auto industry. From its early years in the automotive world, it has proven itself as one of the most dependable auto makers not only in Japan but across the globe. It has produced the highest-selling cars such as the Toyotas Corolla, Toyota Corona and Toyota Camry. When it comes to trucks and SUVs, who can ever forget the names Toyota Hi-Lux, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Land Cruiser? Talk about highly advanced technologies in the auto industry, for sure you'll come across Toyota's hybrid vehicles, the Prius and the Highlander. In the van and minivan segment, Toyota did equally well with its models Toyota Van and Toyota Previa as well as the current Toyota Sienna.

First minivan from Toyota was out in 1984. Like other minivans out in the market that time, it was equipped with a four-cylinder engine and manual transmission. Toyota's Van, however, had a rear wheel drive, mid-engine design and a unique one-box body design. It boasted highly advanced (during those times) equipments such as the ice maker or cooler box and the dual air-conditioners with separate controls for the front and rear passengers. These amenities were not available on all other vans, which makes Toyota far ahead in its class. Six years after its launching, it was redesigned and renamed as the Toyota Previa.

Previa was among the Car and Driver's Ten Best List for 1991. Indeed Toyota never fails to reinforce its high standing in the industry and its tradition of excellence in every new model they create. The Toyota Previa still got the same rear wheel drive system and 4-cylinder mid-mounted engine, though Previa's engine is upgraded to 2.4 Liters. The Previa offers excellent interior space and interior amenities, which makes it your perfect van. Stable ride is always assured with the Previa's optimal weight distribution and low center of gravity. And when it comes to safe driving, Toyota secures its users with its complete line of safety equipments including passenger airbags. In fact, Toyota Previa was the first minivan to meet all passenger car safety standards. Previa had a cargo van version, which featured folding rear seats and removable center seat, but it lasted only for a year.

Many families use vans because of its practical features. It is very ideal for long travels or for out of town trips. Choosing a Toyota van such as the Previa for your family is a good decision. This van doesn't only provide nearly all the amenities you would want out of a van but it offers great handling too. For a van of such dependability, it is necessary that you use high standard auto replacement parts. High quality parts do not only maintain or enhance your Toyota Previa's performance but it can also help you save from future expenses. When it comes to superior quality auto parts, there's no other place to go to than here at Parts Train. We are you one-stop shop of excellent quality automotive parts.