Toyota MR2 Parts & Accessories

Your eyes will definitely be glued to this striking convertible from Toyota, the Toyota MR2 Spyder. But it's not all about great styling because once you rev up this car, you can't help but drive it and drive it and drive it. Nothing compares to this car's exceptional qualities—from the exterior, interior and down under the hood. It offers the exact excitement you would want out of a sports car. Thanks to its VVT-i engine mounted in the middle and its limited slip differential and sequential manual transmission that offer thrilling ride as you pass along curves. Its special mid-mounted engine provides exceptional balance and outstanding power-to-weight ratio perfect for a breathtaking ride.

From the looks itself, you can tell Toyota Mr2 is ready to get its job done. It flaunts a sleek and aerodynamic body, eye-catching dual-bulb headlamps, sporty 16-in aluminum wheels and chrome-tipped exhaust. Your excitement is sure to continue once you slip into the comfortable seats. It isn't too crowded with equipments as you expect from a two-seater roadster but Mr2 has got all that you need for a comfortable, safe and enjoyable driving. The interior features leather-wrapped tilt steering wheel, cruise control, deluxe 3-in-1 AM/FM/ETR/Cassette/CD with 4 speakers and defroster-linked air conditioning. What's great about this car is that it has compressed all these amenities into a small space without making the driver and the passenger feel claustrophobic.

Powering this sports car is a 1.8L 4-cylinder VVT-i engine that delivers 138 horsepower at 6400 rpm and a torque of 125 lb-ft at 4400 rpm. This engine is more than enough for a car of 2,195 lbs curb weight, which gives you an idea of how fast and thrilling your ride with a Toyota Mr2 can be. Responsive handling is enhanced by its five-speed manual transmission with a friction-based clutch. The actual changing of gears is actually handle by the car itself while the driver push buttons in the steering wheel or the chrome shifter knob. Also available is a six-speed sequential manual transmission that provides equally smooth ride.

At one time or another, it is expected that your Toyota Mr2 might need replacement parts, especially when not properly maintained or overused. It is only right that you get top quality parts that perfectly match this car's exceptional performance, convenience and exterior features. Here at Parts Train, we take pride of bringing to you in one convenient site top of the line automotive parts for your Toyota car. Like all other auto parts we have, Toyota Mr2 parts are sourced from the most reliable auto parts makers so you can be confident to get the most dependable parts for your parts replacement. Whether you are in need of car body parts, accessories, interior parts, engine parts, lights, wheels or any other auto part for your MR2, come to Parts Train, you can always count on us.