Toyota Mark II Parts & Accessories

I bet you’re familiar with the Toyota Corona sedan? Well, the Toyota Mark ii is actually an upgraded version of that famous car but it comes with an entirely different style. Mark II is much bigger with sportier features both in style and performance. Mark sedan in turn, became the platform of other sporty Toyota models like the Toyota Cresta and the Toyota Chaser. The Toyota marks II together with its variations are sold in small numbers. In Japan, it is offered as an executive for private use of famous and significant people in the Japanese society. In some countries, it is sold as Toyota Cressida. It was also the brand name used for the American market. Later on, Toyota Avalon followed which took its place as Toyota’s flagship in the US market. The popularity of the Toyota Mark ii reached its peak in the 1980s. In the middle of the 1990’s, its sales took a downward turn as SUVs and minivans entered the market. To cope with the drop in sales, its name was changed to several brands which include the Toyota Brevis, Toyota Chaser, Toyota Progress, Toyota Cresta and the famous Lexus IS. In 1997, it came as the station wagon model of the Toyota Camry. In the next years, it was offered as the Blitz. In spite of these changes, Toyota wasn’t able to revive their declining sales. The company also made efforts to revive the Mark II but still to no avail. The last generation was introduced in 2004 and was renamed as the Mark X. The Toyota Mark ii has reached the end of its production line but still Partstrain has the continuous supply of Toyota Mark II parts and accessories for replacement, restyle, restoration and other purposes. Come and visit our shop if you are in need of new, top quality auto products that will match your budget. We’ll surely be glad to be of service to you.