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The Cressida is an intermediate luxury car from Toyota introduced in 1973 with a structure similar to other Toyota models—the Mark II, Chaser and the Cresta. The Toyota Cressida was marketed outside Japan since 1977, upon the launching of the second generation Cressida. Like the Supra model, it had six-cylinder engine and a rear-wheel drive so Americans used to call it the "four-door Supra," although these were two different vehicles. The Supra was a sports car designed after Toyota's legendary 2000GT sportscar while the Toyota Cressida was a four-door or hardtop sedan, a station wagon or a coupe.

Change is constant element in Toyota cars' success. Toyota continuously innovates and improves its model line to provide its users more riding comfort, safety and over-all driving satisfaction. The Cressida goes through major revision every four years, thus, in 1981, a fresh new Cressida came out in the market. It had six-light bodyshell, slanted grille and two headlamps. Along with the updated Toyota Cressida, the Toyota Mark II and the Toyota Cresta were also revamped this year. Since in Japan, this decade was marked by a trend in cars with formal and dignified styling, Cressida was designed to meet the demands of that time. It got an upright and square body design while foreign cars were increasingly made with rounded body styling.

Most of the last changes to the Toyota export cars were in 1989. Changes include a shift to bigger and more potent 3.0 L engines. This year, the Toyota Cressida was restyled although it kept its basic shape. Power output is improved with its new 3.0L inline 6-cylinder engine that gives off 190 horsepower. Only one trim level was offered. It was equipped with 4-speed automatic transmission with standard electronic shift controls. Among its safety features are the standard shoulder belts, manual lap belts and the optional antilock braking for the four-wheel disc system. In 1991, Cressida got a fresh new look with its restyled grille and tail lamps, new alloy wheels. It was virtually unchanged the next year, pending its final production before the launching of the 1993 model.

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