Toyota Corona Parts & Accessories

For more than 60 years, Toyota has proven itself to be one of the highest selling auto brands in the industry. It produces over 5.5 million vehicles in a year and thus, it is considered as the largest Japanese auto manufacturer and by far one of the foremost automakers in the world. Through the years, Toyota has consistently made its standards higher in order to produce vehicles of superior engineering and design. Since the mid of the 20th century, Toyota has been producing models that in one way or another have left an lasting impression of Toyota's excellence such as the cars Corolla, Camry and Corona.

The Toyota Corona takes pride of a long and prestigious heritage that dates back from 1957. It was launched in Japan as a compact car with American-inspired body styling. Since 1964, Toyota has been exporting the Corona, which then had a razor-like front end. It was fully equipped and had a powerful engine, which made it a big hit among the Americans. Toyota's last export Corona came with the Toyota Carina E and was marketed in Europe. It was offered in Japan as a five-door Toyota Corona SF. It had a station wagon version, however, it was sold in 1993 as a different line of Toyota car, called the Caldina. In other places, it was sold as the Avensis and the Camry.

Through the years, Toyota Corona acquired new look, bigger size and more luxurious features. It was the seventh generation Corolla that stayed the longest in the market with few major changes. It was called the T142 model, which first rolled off the production line in 1981. In the mid-80s, a coupe version of the Corona with unique sheetmetal was produced and in was followed by four-door hardtop designated as the Toyota Corona EXIV. Production of the Toyota Corona ended in 2000 after 43 years of providing efficient means of transportation, great comfort and stylish driving.

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