Toyota Corolla Parts & Accessories

There is no doubt about this car's reliability, performance and outstanding character. It is the world's highest-selling car. From its introduction, about 29 Toyota Corollas have been produced worldwide, which clearly reflects its superiority in the compact sedan market. Created to realize Toyota's dream of producing a "people's car," Toyota Corolla indeed appealed to a great number of auto users through its excellent styling and reliability. The first generation Toyota Corolla was instant hit. It was a dazzling rear wheel drive vehicle that boasted an unusual appeal and high level of performance. It was offered in two-door coupe, in three-door station wagon and in two or four-door sedan.

In 1970, the second generation Toyota Corolla came with a longer wheelbase and a more powerful engine. It offered better handling and ride quality than the earlier models and was considered the second best selling import car that year. Its success continued to the next generation Corolla, which first rolled off the production line in 1974. Once again Toyota has proven its superb engineering and expertise in the auto industry by coming up with this remarkable vehicle. Yet never content with Corolla's steadfast success, Toyota continued to innovate and upgrade its most popular model. It was with the fifth generation Corolla that Toyota made substantial changes. It came with a four wheel drive and in a coupe, called the Toyota Corolla GT-S.

Corolla's modern styling first appeared in 1993 upon the introduction of the seventh generation Toyota Corolla. It was in this year that the Corolla came in its present compact size. With its improved styling, Toyota enjoyed even greater achievements and praises from the users and auto experts. The next line of Corolla cars, which came in 1998, was more remarkable with its new 1.8 L engine. It comes in highly advanced styling coupled with its great comfort and performance features. Every car has its own way of protecting its passengers and new Toyota Corolla comes packed with safety features including disc brakes on all four wheels to ensure adequate stopping power. All seats have seat belts and SRS airbags for the driver and for passenger are also available. Toyota Corolla is not just your best-selling car, it is also one of the safest car in its class.

There's no stopping Toyota from growing in terms of likeability and performance and this they have proven with the Corolla model through the years. If you have a Toyota Corolla that needs excellent replacement parts, get from Parts Train only high quality auto parts fit for a car of such remarkable qualities. Also if you wish to modify your car, you can get the best auto parts and accessories here in our store. Modifying your old Corolla with new interior and exterior accessories can be a great option to buying a new car. Parts and accessories can enhance and add a new life to your Corolla. Perhaps, new set of rims, hubcaps and a spoiler may do the twist. Or even a new body kit will also be a great help in modifying and restoring your Toyota Corolla. Your Corolla will be absolutely perfect if you use parts that came from Parts Train!