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For almost eight decades, Toyota Motor Corporation had already gone not just a long way, but a long and successful way. Currently Japan's largest and world's second largest automobile manufacturer, Toyota has definitely made an impact in the automobile industry. Although popularly known for imitative and unimaginative yet practical vehicles, Toyota was not all about that. It was also able to introduce some admired and highly regarded models such as the 4runner, Corolla, Highlander and Land Cruiser. It too was able to come up with innovative ones such as the 2000 GT. The Carina is another model that car enthusiasts ought to consider.

The Toyota Carina is a compact car that was launched in 1970 and was produced until 2000, when it was already replaced by the Toyota Allion. Actually, the Carina name was used to represent different vehicles in other markets but the name Carina with regards to the Japanese market is a distinct one. The original Carinas were designed to serve as a 4-door buddy for the Toyota Celica until some changes were employed. If you are familiar with the Toyota Corona then you might as well know the Carina, only that the latter measures smaller, looks sportier and had an interior that is entirely discrete from the former.

An expanded version of the Carina was introduced in 1985 giving way for the production of the Toyota Carina ED. Although the original Carinas remained in the production fleet, it nevertheless was redesigned to appear as more conservative automobile. The Carina ED on the other hand was designed to be the new 4-door Celica which was akin to the original Carina. Its basic design was an effort to showcase the hardtop look and proportion of full-size American sedans. However, since the design was based on a Japanese platform, the car had a small and low cabin complementing the longer front and rear ends. Other designs were already similar to the classic American hardtops. The Carina ED was a sure hit for Toyota.

In the later years, particularly in 1984, the Carina was replaced by the Corona but at the same time was rebadged as the Carina II. In 1992, the Carina E was introduced making things confusing when it was also replaced by the Avensis. Nevertheless, the Carina's production finally ended in 2000. Should you own a Toyota Carina automobile and been worrying where to find its parts and accessories, then you have just found the perfect site. Here at Parts Train, we offer great deals of Toyota Carina products for all your automotive needs. Check our catalogue now!