There has been no foreign automotive company that has reached the same success in America as Toyota did. They're Japan's largest manufacturer of motor vehicles and have recently displaced General Motors as the world's top producer in both production and sales. Established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda as a spinoff of his father's company, they later changed their name for stylistic reasons. After World War II, in 1947 they began large-scale commercial production of cars. In 1964, high tax rates on imported vehicles led to Toyota's establishment of their own manufacturing plants for vehicles and Toyota parts in the USA. Other large Japanese car companies such as Honda and Nissan also did the same. In the 1990s, they began to diversify the types of vehicles they produced. Aside from the staple compact cars, they also produced pickups, SUVs, and sporty vehicles targeted to the younger generation marketed under the name Scion. In 1997, they began production of the Prius, which is considered the world's best-selling hybrid car. No company is without their fair share of problems, though. In 2009, they have been hit by a series of product recalls of almost 8 million units due to pedal-related problems. This dealt quite some damage to the company, but they still kept their place at the top. It's proof of its longevity and enduring success in the market.

Today, wherever there's a paved road, you'll be sure to see a Toyota vehicle drive on it. The reasons for their growth have been summarized in two points: Respect for people and continuous improvement. Your car is produced by a world leader in automotive technology. That's why if it encounters a problem and some of its parts need replacing, you need to replace them with parts that are of the highest quality to maintain the excellent level of performance your car was created to deliver. The car parts we sell are high-quality products from some of the best auto parts manufacturers from all over the globe. They're made from the best materials using high-tech manufacturing processes to ensure their durability and excellent performance. We also have Toyota accessories for those who want to spice up their vehicle. These accessories add a touch of style to you vehicle and at the same time, provide convenience. All these products conform to the OEM's strict quality guidelines. They're guaranteed safe and able to deliver high quality.

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