Suzuki XL-7 Parts & Accessories

Suzuki XL-7 Finally, after decades of concentrating in mini Sport Utility Vehicles Suzuki has decided to join the big boys and make a run for it in the mid-size SUV arena. This is the largest SUV Suzuki ever made and the most powerful. The XL-7 is a stretched Grand Vitara, just getting a longer wheelbase and a much more powerful engine. This is SUV from Suzuki is very promising and it seems that it has lots of potential. For its class, it is the first to have a third-row bench seat, maximizing passenger space and cargo space. Other attractions are its price and its maneuverability. The XL-7 looks clean cut and simplistic, devoiding it of the disordered look other has tried to make their SUV's look ground-breaking

Not only are these foldable third row seats usable even by adult standards, they are comfortable to use because of the cathedral like headroom, and they are also easy to gain access to, this is due to the wide rear doors. For its very affordable price, the XL-7 offers a long list of standard features such as mirrors and windows, power door locks, cruise control, remote keyless entry, air conditioning, daytime running lights, adjustable armrests for front seats, a first aid kit and tinted privacy glass. The higher the trim, the more features are available. The Suzuki XL-7 is available in four trims, they are the Standard, Plus, Touring, and Limited which can all be fitted with either a 2-wheel or a 4-wheel drive train. A four speed automatic and a five speed manual transmission is available to control the 2.7-liter engine adaptation of the Grand Vitara's 2.5-liter V6 that powers each XL-7 trim. This engine produces 170 horsepower and 170 ft-lbs. of torque.

As with all SUV's safety is an issue. Their safety features include second-generation front airbags, integrated front and rear crumple zones, rear-door child safety locks and child seat-tether anchors, their anti-lock brakes are good in dry roads as well as rained and snowed pavements.

Overall driving impressions of the Suzuki XL-7 shows that its stretched wheelbase provides a more rigid and smoother ride than its younger sibling the Grand Vitara. It doesn't offer a car like drive because its not a car, its engineering is based on its off-road capabilities. Taking into consideration that this is Suzuki's first mid-size SUV, they did a pretty good job. Suzuki made a wise decision in adding the third row seats, this alone differentiates them from the others in their segment. The XL-7 is a pretty decent alternative to a minivan, the extra seats is useful for a family that has not too old kids nor not to young kids. Suzuki has incorporated into a SUV all the aspects except the hefty price of one.