Suzuki Swift Parts & Accessories

Suzuki Swift For those who were looking for a compact car with a good set of standard features and is easy on the wallet, then this is the car for you. Suzuki, more known for their motorcycles and compact 4X4's, has brought out the Suzuki Swift. A small compact car that is very economical and practical. What's more they offer incredible gas mileage averaging 39 mpg in the city and 43 mpg in the highway.

Introduced in American soil in 1989, the Suzuki Swift came in as a 4-door sedan notchback and a 2-door hatchback. The 4-doors were provided with a 70 horsepower, 1.3-liter 4-cylinder engine. Three choices were given for the 4-door, the base GA, GL and the GS trim. The base was provided with a 5-speed manual transmission while the two upper levels were given a choice between the manual and a 3-spee automatic shifter. The 2-door were given three levels too, the base GA, GL and the upper class GT. The hatchback sported a dual-overhead-cam 1.3-liter engine. The Suzuki Swift was paired with a relative sibling the Geo Metro both of which sported the same design although the Swift had a perkier engine which has the advantage due to an extra cylinder producing 15 more horsepower over the Metro.

For 1990, Suzuki decided to drop the middle trims and went on with just two trims for each model. The four-door models retained their engine and previous specs while the hatchbacks had a new engine for the upper class trim. The sporty hatchback GT got a 100-horse dual-cam engine making it sprintier. For 1995, the Swift had its first major redesign; it now sported a longer wheelbase but retained the old engine. In 1998 though Suzuki had the good sense to change the 8-valve head engine with a 16-valve, this increased the horsepower from 70 to 79.

With the ever-growing competition, more and more compact cars are available but the prices keep on getting higher. The Suzuki Swift is one of the last cars that'll get you a car at a price anyone can afford. This is the best choice for an inexpensive means of transportation. But its nit just about economy, this feisty small car, is very maneuverable and is also very fun to drive. It may not have the zoom most people look for but this also provides for the good mileage. All in all this is car worth considering for economy, practicality and in traffic congested roads; the Swift is just what it name accounts for.