Suzuki SJ410 Parts & Accessories

With 54 years in the industry, Suzuki has gained high reputation for its expertise in the automotive industry. The company is committed to providing their business partners and customers with utmost value in their products, service and people by empowering their team to be innovative, inventive and team oriented and by progressively and gradually working as a group to improve themselves, the company as well as the community. Suzuki is a global company that is built to offer the most reliable, most exciting and technologically advanced vehicles for the fast changing world and ever-evolving taste of car customers. For driving convenience along cities and even on intricate off-road conditions, Suzuki provides the drive-train system.

During the 1980s, Suzuki manufactured the SJ series. It was an updated version of the LJ80. It included the Suzuki SJ410, which was likewise known as the Suzuki SJ-30, Suzuki Samurai both in North and in South America. Also, it is known as Suzuki Caribbean in Asia, Holden Drover ad Suzuki Sierra in Kenya and Australia and Maruti Gypsy in India. The Suzuki SJ410 first came out with a 1.0 L engine in 1982. It made use of a bigger version of the LJ80’s straight-4 engine at 1.0 L, which produced 45 horsepower but limited the performance of the SJ.

Aside from that, the Suzuki SJ410 engine has a four-speed gearbox at a speed of 50 miles per hour to a maximum of 68. The brake discs are located in front with drums on the rear and leaf springs all around for its suspension. The Suzuki SJ410 interior is endowed with comfortable Saab 900 heated front seats. For additional feature, the SJ410 is provided with high-quality Tornado 8 inch midrange in the rear door and Goodmans 3-way speakers in the front. While there are downsides to the features of the Suzuki SJ410, its off-road capability was quite impressive. In recent years, these mini SUVs along with the newer counterparts, such as the Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Chevrolet Tracker, were frequently seen in off-road conditions due to their considerably cheap price, small built and their off road ability. Those qualities made the SJ410 to be the fitting alternative for the American Jeep.

The Suzuki SJ410 is not a very recent vehicle. With this, it needs proper maintenance especially when it is used in off road driving. To provide you with quality replacement in case you need one, come at Partstrain. We offer Suzuki SJ410 parts that you might need to upgrade your application. We have catalytic converter, exhaust, mirror, oxygen sensor, towing mirror and other highly functional car equipments suitable for your SJ410. You can contact our customer service representatives should you have queries or you want information about our products. They are available any time of the day to assist you.