Suzuki Forsa Parts & Accessories

The company Suzuki is known for its wide offerings of motorcycles and cars. In terms of automobiles they take pride in the fact that they have a wide offering of different models for sedans, vans, SUV's and trucks. Suzuki cars are of high quality and really provide a great driving experience.

One of the offerings they have laid out for the market is the Suzuki Forsa. The Suzuki Forsa was put up for sale in USA, Ecuador, Chile and Canada as a variation of the Suzuki Cultus. The Cultus is available as a 3 or 5-door hatchback as well as a 4-door sedan and 2-door convertible. This car is quite similar to several makes and models - Honda City, Fiat Uno, Nissan March and Renault 5. When this car was put on the market in North America it was rebranded as the Chevrolet Sprint and Pontiac Firefly. In the market outside of North America this was known as the Suzuki Swift.

Being a variation of the Cultus, the Suzuki Forsa more or less display similar interior characteristics. Likewise with the others mentioned above. Owners of Suzuki Forsa have options when it comes to the engine. This car can be fitted with carbureted 1.0 L inline 3 cylinder engines or an injected 1.0 L inline 3 cylinder turbocharged engines. The carburetor is a very big help in manipulating the pressure in the engine for a more efficient operation. The turbocharged engine also helps to increase the oxygen that enters into the internal-combustion engine thus boosting the power. Another option available for this car is the fuel injected 1.3 L inline 4 cylinder engine. The engine is only very light but functions vigorously and efficiently for sufficient power and acceleration when you need.

The Suzuki Forsa is also a car that can go by its great appearance. And coupled with its functional engine, you can have a winner in your hands. But if you want to improve your Suzuki Forsa you can do so by changing worn-out parts and non-functional accessories. Parts Train is the website that carries an online catalog of different body parts including that of the Suzuki Forsa. We have high quality parts for your engine, suspension and transmission systems. Locating the parts and accessories that you need in our online catalog is very easy because each part is carefully categorized. Take your Suzuki Forsa's abilities a notch higher through the parts and accessories at Parts Train.