Suzuki Aerio Parts & Accessories

Suzuki Aerio When the word Suzuki is mentioned the first thing that pops to mind is motorcycles. Even though it has been more than fifty years that they have been producing cars their cars has not been as successful in market sales as much as their Japanese contemporaries. There have been cars that relatively had a bit of good showing saleswise but for 2002 Suzuki is about to change all that. They may have a car that would finally put them in a visible spot in this industry.

In certain aspects it could be seen that the Aerio is the Suzuki Esteems replacement. 2002 would be the last year of the Esteem and the Aerio is now taking over its spot in the compact car segment. An all-new vehicle for Suzuki in 2002, the Aerio SX is a crossover vehicle reminiscent of a sedan and maybe an SUV or a wagon. Meant to be aerodynamic, thus the name tag Aerio, it offers a fresh new perspective in hatchback stylings. There is also a sedan bearing the namesake and it is offered in two trims, the base trim S and the GS. Surprisingly, even with a wheelbase much shorter than most compact sedans, the Aerio has ample cabin and cargo space, much more so on the hatchback version, which is definitely more exciting than a wagon.

All Aerio trims and models are powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 141 horsepower and 135 pound-feet of torque. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, with a four-speed automatic available as an option. An all-wheel-drive version of the Aerio was unveiled later on in the same year. This AWD option is a definite attractor since there is only a few compact cars that offers them. This gives the Aerio the edge in driving performance in rough and intense weather conditions. Plus the beckoning of a very affordable price tag is hard to resist.

Italian designed exterior catches glares of admiration wherever it goes; the Aerio is an eye candy and a sweet one at that. Not only that the plush interior makes it look high tech with all the flashing led in the instrument panel and all the usual amenities is within easy rich. Driver-friendly, the Aerio is a pleasure to drive and it provides good performance. Now still in its first generation a re-design is expected soon by 2007 and the saga that is the Aerio will then continue.