Did you know that the Japanese auto maker Suzuki Motor Corporation started out as a company that made mechanized weaving looms? In 1909, they began business making looms for Japan's giant silk industry. The company decided to diversify and in 1937, they began producing cars and motorcycles. They developed the Suzulight in 1955, including features such as front-wheel drive and rack-and-pinion steering. These features would then become common place in cars even 50 years later. It could be said that these Suzuki parts led the way in the field of auto development. Their motorcycles have also won multiple victories in racing. In fact, Suzuki's more known all over the world for their motorcycles and they're out to let people know that their cars and SUVs are of the same quality and performance as their highly-regarded motorbikes. They've semi-successfully broken into the US market, with the help of US auto giant General Motors, with compact cars and SUVs such as the Vitara, Verona, Forenza, and Reno, among others.

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