Subaru XT Parts & Accessories

Subaru XT A sports car from a line-up that has been around for more than a decade, the Subaru XT is another sibling in the GL/DL lineup of sedans, coupes and wagons that Subaru released in the 70's. Released along with the new GL/DLs, the XT provided a fast car for those who didn't want the utilitarian image of the earlier set. The XT is a two-door coupe that defined aerodynamic styling and was available for a short time with a 6cylinder engine. This provided Subaru enthusiasts with an option in having a sports car like coupe. Sturdy, quick and very responsive, this car captured the attention of so many that needed sports car performance at an affordable price.

The Subaru XT came out with four trims, the base coupe, the 4 wheel drive coupe, the upper class XT6 and the 4 wheel drive of the XT6 the XT6 4 wheel drive turbo. The coupe's sported a 1.8 liter engine which had 97 horsepower with a torque of 153 and the XT6 was provided with a 2.7 liter engine which produces 147 horsepower and torque of 176. A 5 speed manual overdrive transmission was standard equipment except for the base XT6 but there is an optional 4 speed automatic transmission available. The XT is large enough to comfortably sit four people and also have enough power to propel them at high speeds with its top performing engine.

Innovative designs and high quality engineering by Subaru has made many enamored with its innovative stance. From the horizontally opposed engine setup, high performance characteristics that handles snows and trails impressively down to the near indestructible bumper that is very tough. A well balanced car that has made the slippery road its forte, this coupe is very reliable and trusty. The XT and the XT6 has had a short but successful run. In the short years that it has made its production run many people have been following up on its progress and a small cult following has been produced. Even with its demise after 5 years with the customary re-design every 5 years and the name change to the Loyale, many clubs had spawned in commemoration of this once remarkable sports coupe from Subaru, the Subaru XT. Not surprisingly there are still some road worthy XT out there albeit in small numbers, this is due to the durability of these machines and also to the right attitude of the owners in maintaining and preserving the XT and using topnotch quality Subaru XT parts.