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The Subaru Star is a marketed name for Subaru FF-1 that was developed originally with only front wheel drive with a four stroke, four cylinders 1100 cc engine. The FF-1 (Japan name) or the Subaru Star (American name) was introduced to the vehicle industry specifically on the United States in 1970 and 1971 and was replaced by the FF-1 G with the same name as Star in 1971. The Star is produced and marketed in Japan in the midst of 1960 and the model has six different engines that displaces from 1 liter to 1.3 liter with a power from 45 horsepower to 80 horsepower.

Subaru Star is a compact sedan like vehicle with 4 doors and can occupy from four to five people inside. It also had a small trunk case located at the rear and the engine compartment at the front hood. This innovative vehicle for the early 1970's has brought the Subaru technology above the rest. It had a long list of features and unique parts that is not found in other vehicles as well as other vehicle models of Subaru. The chassis system of the Subaru Star includes a rack and pinion steering system, independent McPherson coil front suspension and independent coil and spring rear suspension both with torsion bars.

In safety features, the Subaru Star vehicle also an enhanced braking system that provides greater leverage when stepping on the brake pedal. The front wheels are equipped with drum brake system that is mounted inboard and the rear wheel uses a disc brake system. All brakes use a hydraulic pressure that is coming from the master caliper. The inboard mounting takes the weight off the wheel to provide the tires better traction against the surface of the road. The cooling system of this vehicle is also enhanced by using a dual radiator design to make the engine cooler as possible. However, the smaller sub radiator is typically used by the engine to quickly warm itself when it was first started.

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