Subaru Standard Parts & Accessories

Subaru is a car brand that was popular in making innovative vehicles that promotes comfort ability, ease in handling and riding, and powerful engines. The company continues to have success from 1946 that the company was established until today. They are one of the providers of four wheel drive vehicles that ensure good tire traction capability that also provides better handling and control capability in every vehicle they produced. Subaru is a Japanese company that is famous with its six star badges which symbolizes the merge of six different companies that led to the formation of the Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). The first vehicle that company ever produces was released on the vehicle industry in early of 1950's which is the Subaru 1500. Even if the 1500 is the first vehicle, the Subaru 360 became the company's official vehicle. From then on, the company had been developing and manufacturing high performance and more efficient vehicles. The company continued to soar and penetrate the international market and provides the consumers with a simple and yet well appreciated vehicles.

One of the outstanding vehicles that they have ever produced us the Subaru Standard that is available in four wheel drive as well. A front wheel drive is also available but still the four wheel drive is the more popular version. The Subaru Standard is initially a 4 door sedan type vehicle but a station wagon with 5 doors including the rear cargo door is also available when it is introduced in the vehicle industry. Under its hood you can find a four cylinder 2.0 liter displaced engine with a four speed manual transmission or automatic transmission. It produces a more or less 100 horses of power that people have loved its performance and efficiency. The sporty exterior design with a tough of elegance captivates the hearts of vehicle enthusiasts that made the Subaru Company more popular to the international market.

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