Subaru RX Parts & Accessories

Subaru Rx A sedan that has stood the test of time, a heritage that spanned more than 15 years, the GL/DL line up of sedans, coupes, wagons has captured and enamored many auto consumers that many of the automobiles it has spawned in the tenure of its production has been granted accolade and has been an innovator in its segment. This compact Subaru vehicle has had many trims and one that has stood out and epitomized the vision of Subaru of economy, performance and affordable luxury has come and gone but still remains in the hearts of so many that has once drove it. It is called the RX.

Basically the RX is a GL-10, one of the trims that came with the GL lineup that had upgraded features and much more standard equipments packed with it such as power door locks and windows, power moonroofs were standard. A turbo option was available on all model years, and very common on the subsequent models. The RX is a luxury trim of the GL-10, the RX was devoid of the moonroof, but was jammed with an upgraded suspension, standard turbo, and a 5 speed manual transmission and dual-range 4WD was standard. Comparatively rare and hard to find nowadays, limited production was done with the RX. There were two major versions produced of the RX, there is the rugged sedan and the coupe. Both models differed mechanically as well as in the body-style. The sedan has part-time dual-range 4wd which is not synchronized, so it cannot be shifted while in motion. The coupe sported a unique synchronized dual-range full-time 4wd transmission with manual differential lock. It can be shifted between high and low range while in motion. Both of these models stood out from the rest of the line-up and were offered at a limited edition. The RX was the pinnacle of the line-up and due to their durability and reliability they still perform as well as some of the sedans and coupes today.

Many proud owners of the RX stand by their car and maintain and preserve them until today. With the rapid decreasing numbers of them still existing today it is imperative that they be given the utmost care. One of the best things you can do to keep in tiptop running shape is providing it with high grade, class A Subaru RX parts. It is essential that fits are precise and materials used are of high quality. Any basic Subaru RX part that you may need may be found on Parts Train, a auto parts retailer that has had 25 years of experience. Their well-trained staff is at hand to assist you in finding the perfect Subaru RX replacement part you may need.