Subaru Outback Parts & Accessories

Subaru Outback Is it a Wagon? Is it an SUV? This was what Subaru had in mind when it released the Legacy outback in 1995 as a 1996 model. The Sport Utility Vehicle segment was booming and this caught Subaru off-guard. There weren't any immediate plans for Subaru to manufacture SUV's but they wanted to join the bandwagon. Introducing the Outback, they served as a stepping stone for wannabe SUY owners but could not just decide if they are ready, they also catered to the market in which owners don't want an SUV but wanted their functionality. Thus Subaru coined the trademarked phrase "Sport Utility Wagon". The Outback at the onset was a legacy with an AWD (All Wheel Drive), off-road tires and a higher ground clearance.

By the next year, the Outback proved to be quite a success that Subaru decided that it won't be a trim package anymore as before. The outback now was a Legacy that came with its own trims; it was now provided higher ground clearance, a new 2.5 liter DOHC engine and a new look that looked like a more rugged Legacy. The boys from Subaru has also came out with an Outback Sport based on the much smaller Impreza Wagon, trying to ride on the wave conjured up by the previous year. The success continues the following year with the launch of the Outback limited which sported more luxury features. By 1999, A special Outback was released as a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Subaru in the American market. 2000 was a breakout year for the Outback; it was an entirely independent model, not a Legacy anymore. A complete redesign was made making it bigger, more powerful and sportier. Minor changes to keep it abreast of time were made until 2005, where a major redesign and the next generation Outback is brought out.

For the latest Outback, no punches were pulled. The sporty interior is very prominent with sharper designs, less boxy contours and more stylish than ever. The exterior offer more class and sophistication plus more luxurious features. There is also the all new XT, a turbocharged Outback guaranteed to provide satisfaction. The Outback still comes out in two body forms, the wagon and the sedan with the wagon leading the way. The Outback was already considered an above average vehicle, with the 2005 edition it went up a notch higher. Not only does it look better it the driving feels a whole lot better too. This is a car jam-packed with good sense and ingenious engineering.