Subaru Impreza Parts & Accessories

Subaru Impreza 1993, Subaru is celebrating its 25th year of selling economy and practical vehicles in America. This is also the year when Subaru unleashed the compact car Impreza. It came as a 2-door coupe (which came later), 4-door sedan and a 5-door wagon. The Subaru Impreza matched many budgets and lifestyles and catered to all needs. It also offered Subaru's trademark dependability and affordability. The Wagon trim of the Impreza was one of a few models available in the market in the compact form and the only one which sported an all-wheel-drive function. In addition to answering the call for a much needed Subaru in the compact car segment, the Impreza wheelbase and platform was use to fill in the gap Subaru needed for the compact segment in Rally's, a role in which the impressive Impreza fulfilled nonchalantly and has had huge success over the years and up to now.

Power for the Impreza at the onset was provided by a naturally-aspirated 1.8 flat-6, tagged as the EJ18, followed in succeeding years by larger and turbocharged engines. The basic turbocharged motor, billed as the EJ20, produces 211 bhp. The following year, Subaru came up with the Subaru Technica International (STi) versions of the Impreza which was released in the Japanese and European markets, this included upgrades such as performance-tuned engines and suspensions which made it massively popular in street racing and a mammoth triumphant in rallies. It had a top speed which was limited electronically at 15 mph. A Turbocharged Impreza wasn't released in the United States until 2001, it was named the WRX. Two years after the WRX ST1 was introduced, the U.S. version of the STi included a multitude of different aspects from the Japanese and European counterparts, such as a standard-turbo 2.5 L motor in the U.S., rather than the twin-scroll turbo 2.0 L motor provided elsewhere. This trim brought prestige for Subaru by bringing home the top trophy in three consecutive World Championship rallies, from 1995 to 1997, and was considered the fastest car in that contest.

Some of the more popular vehicles that came out from the Impreza line were the Outback trim, the outback sport is sometimes confused for the much larger Subaru outback Legacy. Both of them debuted in 1995. Impreza experienced its last major redesign in 2002 for the 2003 model. Many were disappointed with the bug-eye headlight design which it sported and many clamored for a squarer headlight and a year after a change was made. That year also saw the dropping of the two-door coupe from the lineup. The Impreza was also the inspiration for the chassis and the mechanical underpinnings for the compact SUV Subaru Forester. The Impreza Wagon was also the stimulation behind the Saab 9-2X, Certainly, the Impreza has proven to be quite impressive.