Subaru GL-10 Parts & Accessories

In the mid of 1980, the Subaru GL was been popular because of its sedan, coupes, wagons and hatchbacks series. But later that time, 1984 to be exact, the Subaru GL-10 was introduced to the vehicle industry with an additional upgrade in its mechanical and electronic components. It had a stronger and bigger engine and added more features of comfort and convenience than the GL version. Critics have said that this vehicle is more economical, highly reliable and more affordable than its predecessor that could be categorized as a modern vehicle of the 80's. When the four wheel drive version was introduced, it made more impact in the vehicle industry that made enthusiasts crazy to have one of these vehicles.

The Subaru GL-10 was available mostly in a 4 door station wagon version with an additional rear cargo are that is accessed by opening the door that is found on the rear end of the vehicle in an uplift motion. Underneath the wagon is a 1.8 liter displaced flat 4 cylinder carbureted engine that produces a more or less 100 horses of power and a torque of 110 ft-lb. Version of four speed manual transmission or a three speed automatic transmission is available but in the midst of its production, the three speed automatic transmission was been dropped with no known reasons.

Four wheel drive (4WD) and front wheel drive (FWD) is also available to produce more options to the consumers. The Subaru GL-10 is a vehicle that can be compared to a SUV's (sports utility vehicle) because of its spacious rear cargo area, sporty looks, and engine power. What made it compared to an SUV is its four wheel drive version that provide better traction that promotes total grip of tires to the surface of the road. The interior finish and design is also noticeable with a touch of luxury vehicle that incorporates a sporty design as well. The large square shape headlight provide the needed luminosity especially when cruising at night and with additional power lock doors to add safety and prevent thieves to get inside the vehicle when parked on secluded areas.

The production of the Subaru GL-10 was ended early of 1990's but the model still exists today and users have been told that it was as reliable as the time it was first introduced. Regular maintenance is what it needs to prevent deterioration of performance and efficiency. Using worn out and damaged parts are dangerous and can cause additional damage to parts that are working efficiently. Parts Train has been providing reliable Subaru GL-10 parts that will surely bring back the lost performance and increase the efficiency of your vehicle.