Subaru GL Parts & Accessories

Subaru GL The Subaru GL became popular in the mid 1980's as the upper echelon of the series of sedans, coupes, hatchbacks and wagons released by Subaru. It had a bigger and stronger engine and more features for added comfort and convenience. The Subaru GL was more popular than the base DL because it offered more luxury features such as power steering and power door locks. This Subaru lineup was also renowned for their practicality. They were very economical, highly reliable and affordable. Most specially, the GL was very dependable on icy weather, they had no problem starting up in cold mornings at even 40 degrees below zero, a feat not all vehicles are capable.

The Subaru GL was powered by a 1.8 liter carbureted flat 4 engine horsepower is rated at 84 and torque was 101ftlb, directed by a manual transmission, a three speed automatic transmission was available as an option, further in later models a four speed was available and the three-speed was dropped. Also the GL was offered as an all wheel drive vehicle which was its main weapon against icy pavements. Y 1998 a turbo trim was offered which became the much preferred power in the lineup, it became the luxury lap for this series and many features were standard which was unheard of then. From '88 until '94 Subaru presented the MultiPort EFI 1.8L 4cyl. Ratings for this motor were up to some extent at 90hp and 103 ft-lb torque. This became the standard engine on all models in 1988. But the fastest engine this lineup ever had was a 1.8L EFI turbocharged 4cylinder engine. It had 115 horsepower and a torque of 134 ft-lb. This engine provided the most power and had the bite that this lineup needed.

With its cavernous cabin area and a capacious cargo bay, the GL was indeed second only to SUV's. But amongst others its traction and tenacity in extreme conditions of driving is its main asset. Its AWD system is remarkable for a sedan or a wagon. Its exterior is boxy, as most of the designs in the eighties were, but their simplicity in their lines showed what the GL was all about, utilitarian. The large headlights, square shoulders and direct angles makes it a car that is serious looking but unbeknownst to others also provides a comfortable and fun drive. Sadly though, competition has been fierce and the GL soon was outshined by newer and flashier cars in its respective segments. The GL/DL ended its run in 1989 were the last of their kind bade goodbye. By 1990 the GL/DL lineup was renamed the Subaru Loyale and a complete redesign was made.