Subaru GF Parts & Accessories

Introduced in late 1980's, the Subaru Gf is a 4 door sedan type or 4 door station wagon type vehicle with an extra rear end door for the extra cargo bay that was offered in both front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive versions. After the 2 version have been produced, a later version was introduced in the face of a 2 door coupe type vehicle. Similar to its predecessors, the Subaru Gf uses a flat engine were Subaru vehicles are known for that has a 1.4 liters and 1.6 liters three cylinder engines with turbocharged and intercooler. The engine of the Gf produces a more or less 100 horses of power that could be used as a sports vehicle is several modification will be initiated.

The Subaru Gf is an upgraded version of its predecessor that provides the end user with a great handling ability vehicle and an easy driving impression which of course is true. During its production and being sold in the vehicle industry, the Gf was known for its performance as well as its electronically controlled automatic transmission. These models of Subaru have been ideally marketed to the American consumers to match other vehicles since the vehicle technology is fast growing in that time. The most sold version of the Subaru Gf was the four wheel drive since it provides greater traction and best handling capabilities.

The Gf is also available in either manual transmission gear box or automatic transmission gear box. The automatic transmission uses an ECVT (electronically controlled variable transmission) technology that presents an endless combination of gear ratio and made the automatic version to have precise gear shifting compared to other usual automatic transmission system. The automatic version of the Subaru Gf with the ECTV technology is more popular than the manual version although the manual version had an excellent mechanical reliability and fuel economy but it is far too noisy and rough when the vehicle is in idle.

Even thought that the Subaru Gf was on the production from 3 to 4 years only, but the impact it provided to the vehicle industry was huge and it was being used even today because of its reliability and efficiency. Regular inspection of engine parts and other parts that is included in the system might prevent any damages that could decrease the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. If you need Subaru Gf parts, Parts Train is the right online store to purchase on. We have a wide range of replacement parts that is incorporated in our online catalog. Just navigate around it and you will see the wide selection of Subaru Gf parts that are readily available for you.