Subaru DL Parts & Accessories

Subaru DL The Subaru Dl was a car that Subaru released in 1985 in a 2-door coupe, 2-door hatchback, 4-door sedan and a 4-door wagon. This lineup wasn't released as a luxury ensemble, on the contrary, these vehicles were more thought of as utilitarian vehicles. Subaru released them for the average working family, a car they could rely on and be very durable. One notable thing about the Dl is that even in harsh winter weathers, this vehicle would start up without any hassle. Not many cars are capable of having an easy starting at 40 degrees below zero. For their practicality in icy environments, low price, good fuel economy, four wheel drive option and versatility, the DL held court in areas were they roam and rarely would you see a sedan, wagon or coupe that dominates as the DL did in their domain.

The DL was the base trim of the lineup, there was the GL which offered more feature and a bigger engine. The DL mostly came only in front wheel drives and a manual transmission. Power was provided by a 1.6 liter carbureted flat 4 engine. The simplistic boxy design showed from the onset that this car means serious. They have relegated all their efforts in the engineering and not in the design. Although minimalist by today's standard, its aesthetics can be judged solely upon the taste of the consumer. Simple yet rugged the DL is one reliable vehicle and the cargo space albeit coming from a midsize is capacious. The wagon can offer a space good enough for the family plus their cargo. A trip to the cabin in the mountains or a summer vacation at the lake is a pleasant voyage with the Dl. Standard features are that, standard, but many options provide for a lot of quality features to make the trip just a bit better. >br>
Overall, the DL offers economy, practicality, top value to the dollar and a reliable vehicle. This Japanese company has captured the clamor of the American market and is seen to be hanging around for a long time, providing quality vehicles at affordable price tags. To maintain the DL's reliability and durability it is but necessary that a daily regimen of care and check ups be done it is better to be safe to be sorry. A few minutes of your time may save you on costly repairs later on. Also for replacement parts you must use only top quality Subaru Dl parts, this way, the part you bought will last you a longer time and not create more damage.