Subaru Brat Parts & Accessories

Subaru Brat "Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter", also known as the BRAT, the Subaru Brat was one of the first known crossover vehicle. It was very innovative on its era, released in 1977; the Brat had a catchy name and exuded youth and style. The simple designed but uniquely creative Brat caught the attention of many, in an era where non conformity was the norm, the Subaru Brat fitted right in. It had outstanding reliability and an asset off and on the road. The two-door sedan style fascia and the pickup end combined the versatility and capability of a car and a truck. A combination which was alluring for any kind of person and any type of occupation, it was a weekday, weekend vehicle that serviced many tasks.

The 1978 model was the first ever in Generation 1 of the Subaru Brat. The Gen1 Brat was powered by a 1600cc carbureted OHV engine. It churned out 67 horsepower at 5200 rpm and had a torque of 81 at 2400 rpm. The only available transmission was a 4-speed Manual Single-Range 4WD. By 1982 a new generation of Brat was introduced which lasted until 1987. By the second generation the Brat was given a larger body to make it more comfortable and more practical in cargo hauling. Many changes were done such as new chrome bumpers, quad headlight setups and much more. Also newer trims were added such as the DL, GL and the Turbo. The engine also had an upgrade. The Subaru Brat on its second generation now sported a 1800cc carbureted OHV engine. It has more horsepower now with 72 at 4800 rpm, more torque at 92 at 2400 rpm. A bigger, meaner and stronger Subaru Brat was in the offing.

The stronger points of the Brat are that it accelerates quickly, considering it is not entirely a sedan but also a pickup. It is also great for off-roading because of its being torquey. Its design is simple yet very practical and sporty. But sadly all good things must come to an end. The Subaru Brat bade its final goodbye in 1987 aftere two generations and ten long years of fruitful and successful run. By 2003, the spirit of Brat was revived like the Phoenix from the ashes through the all new Subaru Baja. The Brat is back once again to roam the streets of America and make it its own personal playground.