Subaru Baja Parts & Accessories

Subaru Baja Since coming out with a minivan in the early 60's, Subaru hasn't had a vehicle that ignited much excitement until the release of the Baja in 2003. This Japanese made crossover pickup is reinforce4d by an innovative design and a lot of promise of a healthy and fulfilling driving performance. It is designed to catch the eye of the younger crowd and add excitement to the segment where it belongs. Trend-setters, young at heart, fashion oriented, serious vehicle owners and fun loving people are the kind of people that will indulge in this vehicle. A recreational vehicle that spells out fun, the Baja is a vehicle that lots adventurous spirited people would love. The radical design gives a whole new dimension to the pickup truck image.

An all new offering by Subaru for 2003, the Baja is a crossover vehicle that seemed to be a sedan that has mutated its back end to a pickup bed. This four door wonder is based on the Legacy platform but not all of it. Only about 40% is still in resemblance while the other is entirely fresh, not making it out as a twin but rather a younger hipper and flashier younger sibling. This is for those who doesn't want a pickup truck but wants the utility and functionality of a pick up truck.

Providing power for the Baja is a 2.5-liter parallel disparate four-cylinder engine which produces 165 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 116 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm. As with the other models offered by Subaru, there are two types of all-wheel drive in the Baja, these drives are dependent on the transmission used. The five-speed manual transmission, which is standard on the Baja, features the Continuous All-Wheel Drive system, which incorporates a flexible flywheel and a hydraulic clutch. The optional four-speed electronic automatic transmission showcases an Active All-Wheel Drive, which uses a continuously variable transfer clutch.

What make the Baja so enticing is its interior space and its cargo space. You have the luxury of driving a sedan like pickup while still having the benefits of a pickup. It can seat 5 adults comfortably and have all the space needed at the back. For more cargo load with extra length, a special window is opened and rear seats can be folded down to accommodate such cargo. Part of the charm the Baja possesses is its sporty look while not being too tough. It has the utilitarian advantage and yet it is still cool. The Baja has impressed so many and has improved more so through the years, a feat impressive enough in the congested pickup market.