Scion XA Parts & Accessories

Scion xA — Europeans call them "superminis". In Europe, purchasing a small vehicle is a matter of practicality, not status. So when Toyota produced a supermini, car consumers do whatever it takes just to have the Scion xA, particularly the youth. Meaning, even if the Scion xA was designed and marketed for the Generation y crowd, it was still a hit for middle-aged car patrons. Well, no wonder. This car is well-liked because of its practicality: reasonably-priced, easy to drive, and economical to run.

The Scion xA features countless amenities, just right for everyday driving. Let's start with its interior. Get in and buckle up! The xA brags its power-operated windows, A/C, CD/MP3 player, side airbags, illuminated cupholders, reasonably roomy and reliable seats, and a whole lot more. Despite its size, it can accommodate your valuables because it offers plenty of back-seat room, you just need to dispense with back-seat passengers, fold the rear seats down and carry more cargo than your average family sedan. On the outside, it shows off roof rack and alloy wheels, just to name a few.

What about the Scion xA's performance? Well, it's in the city that the xA really stand out. The hardworking 1.5 liter engine which produced 108 horsepower and achieves 32-mpg in the city and 37-mpg on the highway is truly impressive for such a small motor. With its sub- 13-ft length, that is 2ft shorter than a Corolla, and its 35-ft turning circle, the Scion xA spurts through tiny holes in traffic and seizes into seemingly impossible parking sites with room to spare.

The rest of the options are what Scion calls "accessories". The Scion xA is really fun to drive, perfectly matched for people who have suburban-dweller lifestyle. So if you own this vehicle, be proud. Small in its size, but bigger in its amenities and performance — that is Scion xA by Toyota! It just requires regular maintenance and it'll last forever. If in need of replacement Scion xA parts, you can always visit Parts Train.