Saturn Vue Parts & Accessories

Saturn Vue Sporty, fast and packs a wallop, the first ever Sport Utility Vehicle from this General Motors extension paves the way for Saturn to be heralded in the much fought upon supremacy in the compact SUV market. It has been on the market for a couple of years now and is slowly climbing its way to the top against the seasoned imports. This compact SUV dubbed Vue, has mad quite a mark for itself since debuting in 2001 as a 2002 model. Saturn likes to call it as a crossover vehicle rather than a compact SUV.

The Vue has been instilled a design that looks modern and a bit European, Saturn though has not forgotten to brand its mark on the Vue. Its trademark horizontal headlights make it a dead giveaway for a vehicle that's undeniably Saturn, this provides for a tough yet sporty image. Although the Vue only came in 1 trim, there are a lot of options provided to give you a great choice; you also have a choice between a front drive and an all wheel drive. Two types of engine were offered, a 4 cylinder and a V6 engine made from Opel, another GM subsidiary. After that though, the Vue sported a 3.0 liter V6 engine that spewed 250 horsepower which provided more horsepower manufactured by Honda. Also there is now a base model with the four cylinders and the V6 trim, a step up from before. There is also a selection between a five speed manual or a four speed automatic transmission. Once again, Saturn made use of its innovative plastic no dents panels. Made from polymer, many are enthused by this technology.

The Saturn Vue is the most powerful in its class; also it doesn't drive like an SUV, more like a car in many aspects. Its low slung chassis makes for an easy on and off operation for passengers. Engineers have designed the Vue to be a pavement bound SUV, they have provided it with an independent suspension that provides a stiff but comfortable ride. Continual improvements on the Vue's interior has given it a much more sophisticated feel, also many features are being added to make it more convenient. Passenger room is magnificent; folding rear and front passenger seats maximizes cargo area for extra long cargoes.

With almost all auto manufacturers producing and offering mini SUV's, the market has been congested and there are too many to choose from. Saturn prides itself with the Vue and offers a pleasant ride, true value to the money, a low maintenance vehicle and a very safe ride which passed with flying colors many a crash tests. Rumors has it that by the next year a new Vue would be added to the line up, this one is a hybrid powered by gas and electricity. The future looks bright for this compact SUV.