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Saturn SC2

Saturn sc2 is a high performance vehicle made at around 1997. It is among the most popular cars and this type is among the mostly purchased models of automobiles. Among the good things about this type of car is that they can avoid vehicle machine problems such as overheating or engine breakdown.

Although some Saturn SC2 a manual transmission type with overdrive, it usually has high quality cruise control. This type of car has about 124 horse power and a 1.9 liter and 4 cylinders DOHC or double overhead cam better known as twin cam. It has a type of combustion engine where the camshafts that operate the intake and exhaust are mounted above the cylinders. This is also a type of engine where there are separate camshafts for inlet and exhaust valves. You can also get this model in automatic transmission.

When Saturn SC2 is on full throttle acceleration, automatic transmission shifting occurred from first to second at 6,400 rpms and from second to third at 6,300 rpms, a little short of redline. The engine is very slow off the line with power building in the higher rpms as expected in a four-valve-per-cylinder engine. When it comes to braking performance, this car was very good considering it is not equipped with four-wheel disc brakes. The optional ABS does make quite a bit of noise while operating, but provided short stopping distances.

Among the good characteristics of Saturn SC2 is that it has power windows, power door locks, power RH mirror. It has also tough wheels that are made of aluminum alloy. You can also get hold of this kind of car equipped with leather seating. This is also equipped with fog light so that you can use them even if it's foggy.

You can usually choose from a wide variety of design and colors of Saturn SC2. The color of Saturn SC2 is usually black and Gold, Dark Green, Gold, Red, Purple, Silver and White.