Saturn SC1 Parts & Accessories

Saturn SC1

In the fall of 1990, a family of compact cars from Saturn company was launched out to the automotive industry to merge with the expanding market of sedans, wagons, and coupes. Saturn S-series lineup begun its production to give consumers more options for compact cars with a unique look but clean, sleek, yet a little daring. Saturn SL is the version for the sedans, Saturn SW is the model name adopted for the Saturn wagons, and Saturn SC is for Saturn coupes. Known to Saturn attributes, these all sported plastic materials for most of the parts including its fenders and doors. These attracted many attention and interest of many enthusiasts because this feature is unique among many the car makes in the industry. The integration of plastic materials into the auto parts for Saturn cars proved brilliant as these materials minimize the impact of dents and dings to the surface from the contacts with other vehicles.

Saturn existence has always been about caring for the consumers welfare that is unmatched with other car make, therefore, all about Saturn cars is focused only into value and quality. Saturn has always kept their products valued with priority into environmentally-conscious manufacturing techniques. Saturn S-series coupes, for instance,