Saturn SC Parts & Accessories

Saturn SC Saturn is a wholly independent auto maker from General Motors, tagged as a different kind of Car Company. Saturn division was projected to attract import economy car buyers. Saturn is the first automaker to use no-haggle pricing at its dealerships; they also have the hassle free- no haggling price scheme they came out with. Saturn made an emphasis on service and customer satisfaction, highlighting the refreshing Saturn way of selling and owning a car.

The first cars to bear the Saturn badge were the S series. It had in its line up initially, economy sedans and coupes. The Saturn SC is the coupe which came out with only one trim. The SC was released in 1991 as a 92 model. The SC was the sportiest vehicle Saturn produced then. Initially the SC sported a 1.9 liter 16-valve DOHC 124-hp engine. This is a high-output version of the (85-hp) 4-cylinder engine used in the base Saturn sedan. Consumers also have a choice in the transmission, a five speed manual and a 4 speed automatic transmission was for the pickings. Its steering was also sportier than that of the sedan due to some tweaking in the steering and suspensions.

Sporty, sexy and sleek, the SC attracted many interests due to its cutting edge styling and innovative features. One of the more famous features is the polymer door and quarter panels, sparing the Saturn SC from dents and rust. Also, Saturn was the first car maker to present anti-lock (ABS) brakes and traction control on a vehicle in the economy car price range. The Saturn traction control system slows the car by impeding engine spark timing, toggling fuel injectors and up-shifting the transmission, until it senses traction returning at the road wheels.

By the next model year, Saturn offered a lower base trim so it could cater to those with a tighter budget but still wants the sporty coupe. By 1994, many improvements were done to the engine to make it quieter and stronger. In 1996 the interior was redesigned to give a complete new look exuding sophistication and class. The following year a complete redesign was done to spark and rekindle interests. From then on, the S series and the SC would continue to grow selling more than 2 million units of that line up. Over all, the Saturn SC is very affordable, practical, economical and has a high resale value, this is probably the best small car ever produced by General Motors in America.