Saturn LW300 Parts & Accessories

Saturn LW300

What has been so outstanding about the Saturn marque is being the most environmentally-conscious in their manufacturing process that they were able to win praises from the hearts of many critiques. Aside from this, Saturn also made their popular and excellence status because of the unique innovations including the integration of flexible plastic side panels to Saturn cars.

This innovation has caught the attention of the industry because this is one brilliant concept for any cars because it afforded the vehicle to avoid minor dents that resulted from contacts with another vehicle or any hard surface. Saturn initially launched three car models in the name of Saturn SL, Saturn SC, and Saturn SW. These car models all sported different body styles but were in truth, a single car and were referred to as the "Saturns".

Though, these models remained unchanged for a time, the Saturn L-series made a new turn of fate for the Saturn existence. The new Saturn L-series generated many surprised reaction and a lot had sighed with relief because, finally, the introduction of these cars is a new step up from the existing smaller Saturn cars. Saturn L-series cars are a relief because these are now Saturn model that are highly practical because of the totally new features for Saturn L-series.

Saturn LW300 is a midsize wagon with a solid performance with credit to its V-6 engine generating 182 horsepower and a torque rating of 190. Its storage room is one of the practical features many consumers have found with 79 cubic feet when the rear seats are down plus its cargo cover could be detached. Its interior is one that passengers could stay overly comfortable with.

A big plus for safety feature is the side air bag curtain with a dual automatic climate controls that show outside climate temperature. Doors, fenders and other Saturn LW300 parts are made of plastic so that dents and dings wouldn't make it grave to repair.