Saturn LW200 Parts & Accessories

How important is a vehicle's name? And what does changing the name of a particular vehicle after a year of production bring it? Well, ask that to Saturn. Saturn introduced the Saturn LW1 for the 2000 model year as its basic, mid-size wagon offering. But just after one year in the market, the same vehicle was introduced for the following model year with a different name. The Saturn LW1 of 2000 is now named the Saturn LW200 for the 2001 model year. But is there anything that changed with the vehicle?

The Saturn LW200 is Saturn's basic mid-size wagon offering for the 2001 model year. Like its Saturn LW1 predecessor, the LW200 was based on an extended version of the GM Epsilon body frame that was used for many sedans that GM manufactured and sold in Europe, like the Opel Vectra. It still has the looks and styles of its smaller S-Series wagon siblings, which are just about a foot shorter. And just like its predecessor, the LW200 also has dent- and rust-resistant polymer side body panels built on a skeleton-like steel space frame.

On features and performance, there really wasn't any apparent change. The Saturn LW200 was still equipped with the same mediocre 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine that can capably run a sedan but proves insufficient for a station wagon with its added body mass and loads. The suspension still sports the same bumpy ride and handling was still unenviable. If there was any consolation, it was with the interiors. Like its predecessor, the Saturn LW200 still features a wide interior that can seat five persons with ample legroom and headroom for both the front and rear passengers. Cargo space is still wide and the features are still generous.

If the change of name was accompanied by any improvement, one would find it in the safety features of the Saturn LW200. Aside from the crumple zones, child-safety seat top tether anchors, seat belts, side impact protection, energy-absorbing auto equipments, and other safety features already included on the LW1, the Saturn LW200 also features curtain-type air bags that can protect the heads of both the front and rear occupants during side collisions. This added safety feature, however, is only available as an option.

So what goes with a change in name? Apparently none except for a few optional features in the Saturn LW200. If there is any, it would be the difficulty of finding parts for both the Saturn LW1 and the Saturn LW200. Here in Parts Train, however, we'll make things a lot easier for you. Just browse our Saturn LW200 parts section for your LW200 needs and our Saturn LW1 section for your LW1 needs. Some parts may actually be the same but only by choosing your Saturn LW200 parts from the right catalog can we guarantee you that it will fit perfectly on your wagon.