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Among the many automobile dealerships in the US, Saturn dealerships may be considered the best and the most customer friendly. Only a few years after the company was launched, Saturn has already been getting good remarks about their customer relation policies. But an excellent customer service policy alone cannot carry a company in a competitive vehicle market, and Saturn was well aware of that. That's why after a few years of hearing complaints from their customers about the mediocre performance of their vehicles, Saturn finally unveiled the Saturn L-Series for the 2000 model year. And among the noteworthy vehicle models in this series is the Saturn LW2.

The Saturn LW2 is a mid-size car in a station wagon body style. It is the upper trim of two wagons in the Saturn L-Series line-up, with the Saturn LW1 serving as the base model. The Saturn LW2 was based on an extended version of the GM Epsilon platform, a body platform used by GM on many of its European sedan models like the Opel Vectra. But while the wagon is based on a European platform, its style is nothing really different from the S-Series compact sedans that the company has been manufacturing and selling for the previous ten years. Like other Saturn vehicles, the Saturn LW2 also features a dent- and rust-resistant polymer side body panel mounted on a skeleton-like steel space frame.

While the Saturn LW1 failed in most performance ratings, the Saturn LW2 survived the tests with exactly opposite results. The magic must have been provided by the 3.0-liter V6 engine that the wagon was equipped with, which gave the wagon with an exciting ride despite being equipped only with a 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. And added plus would be the vehicle's spacious interior, providing a seating capacity of five with enough legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers. And not to mention the various standard comfort and convenience features that the wagon is filled with.

The Saturn LW2 is real departure from the Saturn vehicles that came before it. In terms of performance, the Saturn LW2 can give you what all other higher priced station wagons can provide. It accelerates quick, handles well and shows some traces of luxury in a rather affordable station wagon. It still hasn't got enough flare for it to rank best on its category, but it is definitely more competitive and has more character compared to the Saturn vehicles that were introduced prior to it. Over-all, the Saturn LW2 is a good station wagon and definitely one of the best Saturn models in history.

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