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Saturn, the automobile manufacturing company, has always been known for their customer relations policies but not always for their car. Why? Because while their company-wide "no-haggle" policy may be considered as the best there is in any auto dealerships in the U.S., their vehicles are not. Saturn vehicles have always been considered as second rate competitors of the many Japanese subcompact cars being sold in the U.S. But Saturn tried to prove their critics wrong when they released the Saturn L-Series line of vehicles for the 2000 model year. With the L-Series, Saturn has proven that they can indeed create competitive vehicles.

The Saturn L-Series is a line-up of mid-size vehicles in sedan and wagon body styles. The wagon versions were named with an LW prefix and standing as the base wagon is the Saturn LW1. Like all other Saturn vehicles, the Saturn LW1 features dent- and rust-resistant polymer side body panels over a skeleton-like steel space frame. Its style is clearly borrowed from the previous and smaller Saturn S-Series subcompact sedan models, although its body was based on the European GM Epsilon platform, which was also used for the Opel Vectra.

In the middle of all the decent and good reviews received by the other Saturn L-Series models, the Saturn LW1 became a major disappointment. Like the LS and LS1 sedans, the Saturn LW1 was also equipped with a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine that outputs 137 horsepower. But unlike the sedan versions, the LW1 was only available with the four-speed automatic transmission unit. And while the same engine has proven itself capable for the sedan versions, it just didn't perform well with the added body mass and load capacity of the LW2.

Rated low in performance, the Saturn LW1 redeemed its name with its interiors. The interior of the Saturn LW1 just provides the same interior features that all of its higher priced competitors can provide, including air conditioning, power steering and a tilt wheel. While the wagon may look small from the outside, it is actually spacious in the inside. It has seating for five, two on the front bucket seats and three on the rear bench, that provides more than enough legroom and headroom. This seating arrangement provides ample space for the cargo area, which can still be expanded by folding down the rear bench that is split 60/40.

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